A Natural State of Mind: Villa Planinka

Vila Planinka is situated in the picturesque landscape of Jezersko. The valley, once filled with a glacial lake, today boasts some extraordinary natural wonders and a healing climate. Here, you can step into a world where time goes by at a different pace. Slowly, calmly and in harmony with nature.

Jezersko is a place where nature is the ultimate luxury. Just go – escape far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Stop for a bit and get in touch with your natural state of mind. Experience nature’s take on an all-inclusive offer: fresh air, crystal-clear waters, scenic views and silence.

Inspired by Nature

They aim to maintain a healthy balance between modernity and tradition, between the luxury of nature and technology, between outside and inner worlds. Its known how important nature is and treat it with utmost respect. The villa places immense importance on a close connection to nature, which is reflected in the design of all our rooms. The lines between individual parts of Vila Planinka’s open-plan common area are blurred, inviting guests to hang out and enjoy a friendly ambience. The staff’s friendliness and natural ease is complemented by the warmth and scent of wood, which is the predominant material in all the rooms.

The luxuriously furnished rooms feature no electronic devices or connections that could disturb the guests’ natural state of the mind. Wi-Fi is available only in the lobby, while in the rooms it is only set up if you ask for it. The rooms are pleasant oases of peace, calm, rest and relaxation.

Each room has a unique character with a local touch, boasting magnificent views of the nearby mountains and the valley. While staying at the villa, you can also enjoy our Finnish and infrared saunas.

Inspired by the local landscape, celebrating the local architecture and materials, they created a cosy boutique hotel with all the luxuries you deserve.

The Ritual of Food

When it comes to gastronomy, they are all about the luxury of essentials. They swear by organic and local ingredients turned into the finest cuisine by their Master Chef. You can taste the simplicity of pure flavours.

Experience the Great Outdoors

The alpine landscape of Jezersko is a natural playground for active and rejuvenating activities of all sorts. There, you can enjoy many exciting outdoor experiences. Hiking, cycling, running and cross-country skiing will take care of your physical well-being. You can get the most authentic experience strolling around the village, meeting people and discovering the local life. When you need to pamper your spirit and turn deep within yourself, there’s an abundance of space, silence and tranquillity.