Think Blue, a project created in Rio De Janeiro in 2014 – a product of the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Mirella Rodrigues. A brand that, in few years, has succeeded in combining excellent quality, competitive prices and an innovative and unique style. Think Blue has managed to emerge and establish itself, becoming a real point of reference for many Brazilian women.

            This brand respects human living conditions, biological, cultural diversity and scarce global resources. The label is well known for the re-use, re-pair, re-make and re-cycling of jeans and its components. The main purpose of Think Blue is to try to be as eco-friendly as possible, in fact, through the whole production process, it aims to reduce the human impact on the environment and to create unique and personalized products.

            “Think Blue is synonymous with lightness, freedom, happiness, unstoppable experimentation and bold creativity.”

Who is Mirella Rodrigues? And what is her background?

           Mirella Rodrigues is a Brazilian designer based in Rio De Janeiro. She is a very spontaneous person who enjoys new challenges. Mirella is intuitive, sweet and curious yet determined when needed. She is young, wild and free. She is a strong woman and a warrior who fights for a better world. Initiating her fashion career by studying fashion design, sustainable and slow fashion at UVA- Universidade Veiga de Almeida, she learned using fashion as a medium to show through clothes how she feels inside. Mirella spoke with VOOM about what she does as founder of Think Blue and how she uses fashion design to change the image of fashion from within and with authenticity.

What do you do as founder of Think Blue?

            As CEO, designer and creative director of Think Blue I am showing people that it is possibile to create clothes that respect the whole eco-system. It is possibile to buy high-quality, eco-friendly garments that will last for longer and value fair treatment of the planet. I am trying to encourage sustainable production and consumption patterns in order to reduce our impact on the environment and enjoy shopping with a clear conscience.

When did you start being a sustainable girl and an eco-feminist?

            As soon as I completed my studies, I started being a sustainable girl. I realized, during my fashion studies, that it was possibile to be more respectful at an environmental level, with clothing made from recycled materials and their components. This is the reason why I decided to invest in my love for jeans and to create my own brand: Think Blue. We have to keep in mind that fashion is one of the most polluting industries. Liters of water wasted and polluted, labor overexploited to manufacture more, faster, for the lowest price. This whole process has transformed me increasingly into an eco-feminist. I am a strong woman and a warrior who fights for a better world. And if, through my passion for both fashion and  Mother Earth, I can somehow help people change their life or perception of it for the better, even if it is just one in a million, I have accomplished my goal.

Where do you produce your clothes and how?

         The fashion garments are all designed and produced inside my house. The whole process is done here. I find myself caring about the stitches and fabric of each piece of my collection. I usually show, through social media, who I am as a person and designer because, in my opinion, authenticity and transparency are two key elements to increase people’s trust. I also try to show that behind my clothes there are human beings that need to be respected and valued.

Why are you doing this?

            Well, I do this because I believe in a better world. I decided to create the world I would like to live in one day. Fashion is culture, it is behavior, it is politics, it is a very strong medium to show how people feel inside and it needs to be respected and used in the right way. These are the reasons why I decided to create a brand outside the box that goes against industry. It is not easy, but it is much more satisfying.

What could we do to become more sustainable? And How do humans contribute to creating a sustainable environment?

            I believe that being careful with what we are consuming is at the heart of being more eco-friendly. I believe that humans contribute to creating a sustainable environment through small actions, for example, eat locally, recycle, resell and donate items, drink from the tap, save water and so on… We should all change our daily lives, get out of our comfort zone, which is not easy, but it is the only way to save our planet for us and the future generations.

Interview by Sofia Malatesta

Photography: Mazzei