‘Birds of paradise’ by Atelier Terra Urbana #MBFWLJ

When we talk about aesthetics, ethical fashion and important message of mother nature at the same time,  we can not forget the powerful collection ‘Birds of paradise’ by Atelier Terra Urbana presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana.

Costume and fashion designer Mateja Benedetti and graphic designer Saša Kladnik created environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion brand Terra Urbana a few years ago. Handmade clothes, created by the authors, include patterns, cuts, shapes and concepts, inspired by endangered animal and plant species.

The collection devotes much attention to pieces with layered structure and texture of materials that evoke the complex structure of animal skin growths. Its clothes are distinguished by the use of a completely organic and environmentally friendly materials including leather of apple peel, organic silk, cotton and bamboo. In addition to its name – ‘Birds of paradise’, forms and patterns are upgrade with artistic digital prints of birds, among them flamingos, parrots and hummingbirds lost in the field of ferns and flowering plants. Couture designed pieces are skillfully combined with popular oversidezed street pieces, like bomber jackets, and form timeless and modern spring/summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear collection.

Models look: MUD studio Slovenia and Mare dresura frizure  Photography: Jani Ugrin, Žiga Intihar
Models: Haze Model Management, Model Group, Talia Models, VOOM Model Management

Simon Cirkulan / VOOM Mag