The Ogre’s MouthPhotographed by Emily Scaglia

The Monster Park of Bomarzo is a place of other times. It tells one of the most beautiful love stories, a passionate and delicate story that has always enchanted young and old people. It is the story of a prince, of a great love, of giants and mythological stone animals. It is the story of a huge park that has something magical, grotesque and surreal. A world where you can breathe peace and harmony even if surrounded by “monstrous”, arcane and shady wonders.

The Monster Park or Sacred Grove of Bomarzo was designed and built by the architect Pirro Ligorio presumably between 1552 and 1580. The client was Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, lord of Bomarzo, a man of arms and scholar, who dedicated the complex interior to his beloved Giulia Farnese, who unfortunately never saw the end because she died some time before its completion.

A strange, crazy, incredible and magical journey between statues of mermaids, sea monsters, giant turtles, sphinxes, dragons, false sepulchers and illusionistic games. A path, between reality and fantasy, suitable for everyone, including children.

The TurtlePhotographed by Emily Scaglia

The attractions of the park are full of symbolism, with continuous references to mythology and fantasy world.

This park of large statues, surreal buildings, inscriptions and riddles, located in the heart of Tuscia Laziale, has been re-evaluated over time thanks to the interest of many artists including Salvador Dalí. Dalí was so impressed by the visit to the park that he found inspiration for one of his works The Temptations of Saint Anthony.

The meaning of most of the sculptures at The Monster Park of Bomarzo is still unknown thus making it a fascinating place yet to be discovered.

Article by Sofia Malatesta | @sofia_malatesta

Photography by Emily Scaglia | @soadmema