‘Boy’ by Anna Priakhina | VOOM Mag Exclusive


This story is about a girl who had a suspicion of cancer, and when it was not confirmed, she cut her hair and donated it to wigs for people with oncology. But now she has a problem with identification in society, we consider it socially important. People are constantly confused her with the boy, asking stupid questions and saying stupid phrases, many in a rude manner, such as: are you a boy or a girl? Why did you cut your hair like a boy? Boy, pass the fare! … And others. I would like to remove this stereotype from society. Therefore, in the photo shoot, we showed the image of a girl who fights for her rights, burning all the labels that have been pasted on her, but this is not so simple, because society continues to perceive her according to the stereotypes.

VOOM Editorial Team

Photographer: Anna Priakhina | IG @annapriakhina

Make-up Artist: Tasha Kataeva | IG @tashafoxi

Hair Stylist: Elena Zralko | IG @ezralko

Model: Victoria | IG @zaen.ka

Clothes & Accessories: Dea Magazin | IG @dea_magazin