‘Elements’ by Nicolás Montero | VOOM MAG EXCLUSIVE

The 4 basic elements, the four elements of the universe, of nature, four characteristics of an individual. Various currents of thought say that all people have these four qualities, sometimes one predominates and sometimes others.

Fire, earth, air, water

Jersey: Alessandro Enríquez | Pants: Ural | Belt: Shein
Earrings: Iskin Sisters | Shoes: Stradivarius

Jersey: Brava | Corset: Iván Martín | Pants: Brava |
Jacket: Onaromaz Collection by Luisa Hurtadoa | Earrings: Mitumi Joyas
Bag: Zahati | Shoes: Ana Ponf

Body: Luis Pachear | Shoes: Marypaz

Shirt: Luis Pachear | Pants: Loreine | Blazer: Loreine | Crop Top: Zara
Bag: Zara | Shoes: Zara

Jersey: Helena Caballero | Pants: Loreine | Hat: Elefersan | Shoes: Blanco

VOOM Editorial Team

Photographer: Nicolás Montero

Stylist & Art Director: Jordi Valle

Make up and Hair Style: Diara Fall & Angela Paulino | IG @thuyaescuela

Model: Celeste | IG @mira_model_management

Showrooms: IG @marcjuancomunicacion – IG @nn_press