Fall/Winter 2017 collection by IVANMAN #MBFWLJ

Ivanman presented his fresh collection for Fall/Winter 2017-2018 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana. This amazing Croatian fashion designer, who works on his fashion brand Ivanman in Berlin, each year exposes his collection during the famous Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin and also became the prominent guest of Ljubljana’s edition. The label Ivanman, based in Berlin was founded in 2010 by designer Ivan Mandžukić. Its sophisticated collections skilfully intertwined combinations of fabrics, shapes and colors. Wearable pieces based on minimalism, masculinity and combination of traditional vintage pieces with modern, timeless lines.

The latest collection for Fall/Winter 2017 also reveals pure harmony and rough elegance. Designer still remains faithful to the contrast between tight and loose pieces, many of them also oversized. Especially oversized bomber jackets and coats in black and purple are outstanding. That’s how he emphasizes the masculine silhouette and puts attention to remarkable individual pieces. Last collection stands out mostly in purple in combination with black and white pieces upgraded with colorful patterns of tailoring lines where cashmere is combined with quality wool. There we can see a new perspective on a designer’s work while blurring the lines between the finished and the unfinished.

Models look: MUD studio Slovenia and Mare dresura frizure  Photography: Jani Ugrin, Žiga Intihar
Models: Haze Model Management, Model Group, Talia Models, VOOM Model Management

Simon Cirkulan / VOOM Mag