‘Filippo Alpi’ by Raffaele Grosso | VOOM Mag Exclusive

Filippo Alpi is a monobrand; womenswear and menswear, custom made, personalized vintage. Based in Parma, Italy since 1968. Nowadays, it is still passionately run by Filippo Alpi itself and his daughter Viola.

VOOM Editorial Team

Photography: Raffaele Grosso | www.raffaelegrosso.com | IG @raffgrosso

Stylist: Alice Cantoni | www.alicecantoni.com | IG @cantonialice

Models: Timofey Kudoyarov | IG @tima.tsar for Brave Models Milan | IG @bravemodels & Isabel Monsees for Wonderwall Management Milan | IG @ww_mgmt

Fashion: Filippo Alpi | IG @filippoalpi_official