‘Fraternity’ by An Shaoda | VOOM Mag Exclusive




noun: fraternity; plural noun: fraternities

1.a group of people sharing a common profession or interests.

“members of the hunting fraternity”

2.friendship and mutual support within a group.

“the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity”

VOOM Editorial Team

Photographer: An Shaoda | https://anshaoda.wixsite.com/photo| IG @an_shao_da

Make-up Artist:  Egle Roccazzella | https://egleroccazzella.weebly.com/ | IG @egleserena

Hair Stylist: Yu Nagatomo | @yu__nagatomo

Stylist: Stela Plaka  | IG @stelaplaka

Models: Francesca lin | IG @bammmbilin for WW Management | IG @ww_mgmt & Livia Zucconi | IG @liviazucconi for Monster Management | IG @monster_mgmt

Fashion: Desangnoir, MaxMara, Ql2 Quelledue, Jantdesign, Ramelle, 7ilry.co