Handcrafted ceramic products by Hana Karim

Hana Karim’s studio is situated in the city centre of Ljubljana. The brand is mostly oriented around handmade tableware with a passion for clean shapes and bright colours, such as turquoise, blue and metallics. The recent collection Stardust/Galaxies consisted of a handmade cups and plates, taking inspiration from the ​space and stars, turning objects into space resembling artefacts that you can use to serve food. The designer also holds workshops for anyone who wants to experience the thrill and passion of turning mud into beautiful usable object.

“I grew up in an artistic environment: both of my parents are artists, though I never felt like I was forced to create or design. But this topic was always in our home and there was always so much space dedicated to creating, that my choice to become a ceramics designer wasn’t really a choice. It was always just there, waiting for me to discover it. I have a sort of love-hate relationship with ceramics, but I would never want to use anything else as a primary source of my creative expression. It has taught me so much throughout the years. I was in a constant battle with it, trying to control every aspect of it, but eventually I gave up and now I see flaws and unexpected results as something beautiful, something that is actually necessary in my creative vision. I kind of share my work with the medium, each one of us does half of the job.”

“Everything I make has a sort of enigmatic veil over it until the very last moment, when I take still warm objects out of the kiln. This moment is extraordinary, it’s like you climb to the top of this high mountain and you take a look around and it leaves you breathless. That’s how I feel every time I take a fresh batch of ceramics out the kiln.

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Ceramics can be pretty challenging and difficult due to many different techniques you can use, and all of them have their specific natures. Some get under your skin over time, some you’re still discovering – and this constant search has a world of beauty in it. I like to try something new each time I’m making a new series. Every time I see someone using something I made – wearing jewelry or using my pottery – it makes me ecstatic. That is the real “view from the mountain peak”. It makes me happy to see that many people out there who support handmade and have respect to the hard work that is behind it.”