How Deep is Your (W)hole?

People have been trying to explain the term “cosmos” since the first time they laid eyes on it. Some are searching for answers in the fields of philosophy, others in the world of physics and mathematics, but many found the answers by turning to god. Unfortunately, none of these fields offer us a concrete truth, even god himself stays quiet and leaves us to our own imagination.

The only common idea that is evident in every discussion is the almighty word “all-encompassing”. With every possible outcome, the interweavement and the movement of space and time of infinitive dimensions keep offering new possibilities and new outcomes. Combinations of incidents are going to infinity and in this unruly chaos, each and every one is standing on their viewpoint and therefore, becomes placed in the perfection of order. Since we cannot comprehend the magnitudes and complexity of the cosmos so easily, our curiosity drives us further in search of peepholes that could shed light onto its mysteries. The closer we get to the truth as the peephole reveals more out of more, the more doubt drives us onward.

Hope is repeatedly awakening us to understand the entirety. In the meanwhile, an inevitable question arises: If we had been able to get the insight to its entirety, would we have examined and experienced each piece of cosmos in such detail and excitement? Aside from this radical thinking, there is a way to summarize the all-encompassing. The approach of those who turn to gods is probably the closest to the explanation. Thinking differently, there are people who go through a transcendent experience and connect with the entirety on a sensual level. That is how they become an indispensable part of the experience itself.

This dance performance project presents only certain details and does not offer a view of the entire interweavement of time and space. The field of performance is a black dice with peepholes inserted into all six sides. The viewer moves freely around the room and observes the dice and the activity inside it. This kind of scenery offers the viewer a direct insight into details of cosmos, the pieces of the story created by the visuals and the sound. The experience reveals details and eccentric beauty of individual pieces. At the same moment the visual perception is removed, a new dimension opens to the viewer: a dimension that allows the possibility of multisensory awareness. Authors of the project: Kristina Aleksova and Živa Petrič.

Photography: Darja Štravs Tisu

PR: Nina Smerkol