‘Illuminati are cute’ by Andriana Kmetyk | VOOM Mag Exclusive

The names EFETISHISM took inspiration from the Karl Marx ‘commodity fetishism’, theory in which humans creates good, but goods ends to dominate humans. Live performances of Cher, Donna Summer, Prince, Whitney Houston ispires my sketches. So the 80s pop culture is very relevant to me, such as the underground ballroom ny scene portrayed in Paris is Burning. Regarding my Arab roots, i’m ispired by all strong women in this culture, such as Qandeel Baloch, pakistani model and feminist, whose provocative image has always been discriminated. She was killed by her brother in 2016, who declared that it was a crime of honor. Sexual inequality is one of the biggest hallmarks in fashion of patriarchal societies, to me the term unisex is nothing but the adaptation of women to male standards. Therefore, Efetishism brand has to be considered HUMANSWEAR.
My last collection , entitled “ILLUMINATI ARE CUTE” inspired by the cult of Illuminati, myth that unites and divides people and creates a lot of interesting feelings, considering that we aren’t neither sure that Illuminati do exist. The collection present different references to the theme of domination, brainwashing, and some celebrities involved in this cult. With this project I would like to shed light on the subject and encourage people to develop this knowledge to build their opinion.

VOOM Editorial Team

Photographer: Andriana Kmetyk | IG @andriana_tuesday

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist: Alexia Nikolakeas | IG @varyaren.mua

Model: Alison Bizzi | IG @ultraposh94 for Revolt Model Agency | IG @revoltmodelagency

Fashion: EFETISHISM | IG @efetishism