Japanese Aesthetic through the Eyes of Ana Maria Ricov

At the recently held fashion show in Zagreb, within Croatian Fashion Week , a young and renowed designer Ana Maria Ricov delighted a fashion audience and also critics with a new collection called Wabi-Sabi. After the fashion show she lounched also a campaign who emphasizes the importance of the harmony of a man and nature.

The new autumn/winter Ricov’s collection, where photography, nature and fashion create an excellent blend, based on traditional Japanese view to aesthetics, is called Wabi-Sabi. This term describes imperfect, infinite and incomplete beauty. Its features include asymmetry, simplicity and fragmentation, and at the same time discover hardness and roughness. This approach to creation expresses this life-relation with the woman and the importance of the harmony of man and nature.

“A fusion of these elements pulls through clothes in the sense of asymmetric strips that suggest nestness and fragmnentation. Unfinished and raw edges point to imperfection and inferiority. Perfect match of broken forms gives dynamic and playfulness to whole collection, and combination of soft and coarse fabric indicates an amazing wearability for all occasions. Focus is also set on the ease of wearing and the perfect function of clothing,” Ana Maria Rivocov explained.

The collection is dominated by the color spectrum of more subtle and subtle tones. Through the palette of black, anthracite and ocher color, appears red as an accent of the collection, which is an excellent refreshment and emphasizes before mentioned life affiliation. Through the collection leads a combination of matted and shiny fabrics, like raw wool, viscose and artificial leather, and in the contrast, gentle glittering and embossed fabrics are present in
silk muslin and organdy. The collection is dominated by everyday pieces, such as coats, blouses and pants, as well as festive creations in silver and white. But despite that each and every piece can be combined with each other perfectly.

Ana Maria Ricov in her new collection stays faithful to her recognizable aesthetics that perfectly combines functionality of clothes, but she also express a modern woman look with with uniqueness, elegance and sophistication.

Photography: Doris Fatur
Model: Julija Gerenčir @Tijara Model Management
Make-up & hair: Marko Tolić