Courtesy of Matheus Lomonte

Matheus Lomonte, known as @moonriverchacha, is a smart, sweet, kind, optimistic, moody, fun-loving Brazilian fashion designer, charismatic and enthusiast international style icon, fashion personality and one of the best dressed person in the world. 

Each of his colorful and sophisticated outfits convey energy, versatility, empathy and eclecticism. They are a work of art- moderately extravagant, bizarre enough and always unique. 

No matter what the season or celebration, Matheus always created a style that became popular around the globe. 

After Marni’s creative director Francesco Risso started following Matheus on Instagram, the Brazilian young designer became part of the inspiration for the S/S18 women’s show.

There’s no need to be afraid, Matheus, as @moonriverchacha will inspire you, photo-by-photo, to be more chic yet bold and playful, in creating your own pretty and vibrant style.

Clashing prints, unusual silhouettes, Peter Pan collars, ruffles, bows and red May Jane pumps fastened onto furry legs. Irresistible garments, original and essential, but able, with a vintage flavor, to face everyday life with authenticity. Quality rather than quantity. 

He spoke to VOOM about responding to negativity with beauty and love – a timeless masterpiece. 

What is your educational background and experience?

Hello everyone. I am originally from Brazil, and I live in Minas Gerais, a charming landlocked state in the west of Brazil. I started studying law at university. But, I did not like what I was studying. I really did not want to waste my time or my youth for that matter, studying something I totally hate was very boring and tedious. So, I dropped the university. After I while, I started fashion design – an ideal career path for students interested in a creative career, and I finally fished the course last year. 

How do you define what you do?

Express myself through pictures and fashion.

What is one of your first fashion memories? 

My aunties talking about clothes during lunch at my grandma’s house. They used to talk a lot about fashion and the fashion industry as well. I listened silently to their particular judgments on the subject – so crisp, witty and scratchy. In fact, I remember that I was in love, fascinated and very intrigued by these comments.

And, did you ever have a “Plan B” career choice? 

No, I never had a PLAN B. This situation makes me really anxious. You know I adore fashion and that’s it! … I do not see myself doing another thing with unconditional love, wonderful enthusiasm and so much passion. 

Describe @moonriverchachain in four words

Funny, sassy, dreamer, attractive and picturesque. 

How would you describe your personal style in one sentence? 

I recognize my personal style in Eloise by Kay Thompson, Hilary Knight because she is unbelievable and deeply touching – slightly disturbing, slightly heartbreaking. Eloise is a furiously fabulous creation, full of stubborn humor and eccentric pleasures.

Where do you get inspired by? And how do you continually innovate your personal style? 

We are all inspired from many things to different people and in different ways. For example, I am really inspired by quartz, newspapers, novels, fairy-tales, nature and multifaceted artists who express themselves through various artistic forms. Suddenly, sometimes, it comes from nowhere … like a mysterious or a supernatural force.

How colors are important in your outfits? And which color is important to you? 

Hey, I am Brazilian. Brazil is the South America largest and arguably most colorful country in the entire globe. It has endless miles and fabulous beaches, tropical rainforests, cosmopolitan cities and a culture with an obsession for football, samba and Carnival. So, it is natural to me! Colors make me feel happy, optimistic and spontaneous. But, if I have to make a choice, I will  go for pink. THINK PINK! 

What is your definition of beauty? 

Defining beauty is like asking why the sea is blue and not pink; no one knows the answer for sure. Beauty cannot be defined because beauty is different in every situation. There are many different kinds of beauty. We all enjoy beauty. But, also ugliness deserves to be understood. The beautiful and the ugly are not opposites, but sides of the same thing. 

Your ultimate style icon and why?

My ultimate style icon is Miuccia Prada. She is an incredible fashion legend. J’adore her traditional yet modern and glamour style. I like how Miuccia always finds inspirations from people’s lives: their difficulties, their dramas.

And who do you consider the most exacting creatives working in the industry nowadays? 

I am literally in love with Francesco Risso. I love his mind and his eccentric, frisky and exuberant aesthetic. Risso’s works are the most inspiring – clothes and accessories – of all the time.

Do you think fashion is becoming more inclusive and open now because of the rise of Instagram? 

Social media have had a truly revolutionary effect on nowadays societies. Instead, Instagram has made the fashion industry more inclusive, diverse and less wasteful. Today’s fashion is more fluid and interactive than ever before – social media changing the way fashion labels connect with their core audience. 

What is your personal relationship like with social media?

Instagram is a really important social platform for me. On the one hand, it is the place where I show people my personality, my outfits and my daily routine; on the other hand, it is the place where I follow my fashion icons (ex. Francesco Risso and Marc Jacobs). 

What is next for you? Hopes and dreams 

Going through this difficult and uncertain times together in order to save lives and even greater health-care savings. Moreover, I hope people will trust more science and education. 

Courtesy of Matheus Lomonte

Article by Sofia Malatesta| @sofia_malatesta