‘Sebastian’ by Ines Thomsen

Sebastian Schwarzkugler is an Austrian model who is, besides the Austrian fashion market, fascinated with Milano, Amsterdam and Berlin. To add, he was also hosted in Ljubljana. His fashion photographs are known for his sharp face traits and human warmth, which he spices up with simple adorability. He is well aware of his attractiveness and sculpted body and in the fashion world, he uses that awareness wisely. Sebastian is a big sports fan who wants to upgrade his modeling career and become an actor. We believe that he will succeed, as he has the approach and the energy that immediately charms everyone.

Sebastian, why did you start your modeling career?

When I was younger, people told me I had potential and that I should try it. Eventually, some photographer took professional photos of me. I thought it was really fun and I liked being in front of the camera, but I especially liked receiving positive feedback afterwards. However, I was very young at that time and I had other interests that prevailed. A few years later, I was scouted by a model agency and decided to give it a try.

Have you been dreaming of becoming a model when you were a child?

When I was younger I wanted to become an actor, because I admired James Bond. I thought modeling would help me get there. I am still a big fan of James Bond and I would like to go on some drama school auditions in the near future.

What was the most important thing you learned about modeling?

One of the most important things I learned about modeling was that sometimes you have to be patient. Before I started my career, I was a very impatient person. I wanted to fulfill my dreams immediately, but often it did not work out as I expected. I was surprised it took so long to get somewhere. Soon I realized the fashion world did not work as I thought, so I learned to be more patient. However, my goals are still very clear. Things happen to you when you least expect it.

How does the environment and society accept your work in the modeling industry?

Generally, everyone more or less accepts my work. Most people admire me as a model, but some presume I am arrogant and narcissistic without even knowing me. When I meet new people I do not talk about my modeling career, because in the past I had to deal with various allegations. Anyway, thanks to social networks they all find out who I am eventually. In my opinion, it is better not to put it out there.


I have met many people who are not familiar with the fashion industry or do not know what it is really like being a model. They often think you want to brag about it and as I said, there are people who think that models are arrogant. It takes time to prove the opposite. I remember having a conversation with some girl on the train, saying: “I thought you were arrogant, but you are not at all. You are actually very kind.”. She has never talked to me before, but just because I was a model she assumed I was arrogant.

What is your favorite global fashion market? Where can you say you found yourself most?

If I am being honest, I still think I am at the beginning of my modeling career and I am looking forward to take all the steps in order to achieve my goals. One of the signs that I have not achieved them yet is that I am still looking for the perfect market that will suit me most.

You are also an athlete, right?

Between the ages 3 and 12 I was playing football, ice hockey and I was also skiing. I am still very much into sports, especially skiing. I received a ski instructor certificate two years ago. My next goal is to learn to surf. I tried it one time, but I was wiped out by the waves and thought I was drowning. Anyway, I hope to take surfing lessons sometime soon, because I really love the sea and the waves.

Can you tell us about the best modeling experience you have ever had? Is there something you are really proud of?

It is very difficult to decide on only one experience, because all my experiences helped me to get to the point where I am now. Traveling abroad and meeting new people is not only good for my career, but it has also helped me to develop my personality.

I noticed that you love your home very much. You live in a romantic Salzburg. Would you change

your home for any other place on this planet?

Yes, I really love Salzburg and I would not want to change my home for any other city in the world. However, there are many beautiful places I would like to visit or perhaps even live in.

Editorial team

Photographer: Ines Thomsen

Assistant: Sabine Kneidinger

Retoucher: Nadja K. Retouch

Stylist & art director: Simon Cirkulan

Model: Sebastian @VOOM Model Management