Sebastian Schwarzkugler by Ines Thomsen

Sebastian Schwarzkugler is an Austrian model who is, besides the Austrian fashion market, fascinated with Milano, Amsterdam and Berlin. To add, he was also hosted in Ljubljana. His fashion photographs are known for his sharp face traits and human warmth, which he spices up with simple adorability. The entire editorial by Ines Thomsen with an interview about Sebastian, his career and fashion life you can found in the current issue of VOOM Mag.


Sebastian is well aware of his attractiveness and sculpted body and in the fashion world, he uses that awareness wisely. Sebastian is a big sports fan who wants to upgrade his modeling career and become an actor. We believe that he will succeed, as he has the approach and the energy that immediately charms everyone.

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Editorial team

Photographer: Ines Thomsen

Assistant: Sabine Kneidinger

Retoucher: Nadja K. Retouch

Stylist & art director: Simon Cirkulan

Model: Sebastian @VOOM Model Management