” My name is Sara, I am a fashion photographer based in Milan.

During the quarantine period that I spent within the walls of my house I had a lot of free time and I began to go for walks around the garden near my house full of trees and white flowers. Unexpectedly, I was reminded of many memories about my childhood that were buried inside of me and that I didn’t even know I had. I photographed instances of spontaneity that refer to games such as hide and seek and dancing that have defined many of my days when I was younger and I captured how the nature around me is part of my world. “

VOOM Editorial Team

Art Director & Photographer: Sara Forzatti | IG @saraforzatti

Stylist: Bianca Nicolucci | IG @bnicolucci

Makeup Artist: Sabrina Trentini | IG @sabrinatrentinimua

Hairstylist: Livia Primofiore | IG @liv_muah

Model: Elisabeth Cisse | IG @clumsyelisabeth | Agenzia @elitemodelworld

Model: Christi Tiidemann | IG @christitiidemann | Agenzia @fabbrica.milano

Fashion: Gian Marco Funari, Dennj, MVVM, Pearls of Art, Prada, Zara, Bimba y Lola