Šeruga farm: Where forefathers’ traditions and wisdom are still alive

A stone’s throw from the main road, the Šeruga Farmhouse lies peacefully in a remote, green valley near Otočec, Slovenia. Surrounded by woods and forests and encircled by a bubbling stream. Once a flour mill, now a welcoming retreat for nature lovers and those who appreciate home-made, local cuisine. The highest level of service is guaranteed at the Šeruga Farmhouse, the 4 apples category ensures it is one of the best tourist farms in Slovenia. Šeruga has won a number of awards for its cuisine, authentic architecture and all-round ambience and also became a member of the European Association Europe of Traditions in 2001.

The head of the Šeruga family is Slavko; his hard work now ensures that guests can enjoy the delicious organic food, accompanied by the glass or two of an excellent cviček (typical rosé of the region). Lili and Eva are the heart and soul of the farm– their aim is to ensure that the food is as good as it possibly can be and they are only happy when it is the case. Rok and Nejc, younger sons, help whenever they can. Sometimes even Rena, the family’s golden retriever, joins in and presents you with a freshly-laid egg, stolen from the hens’nest.

„Where forefathers’ traditions and wisdom are still alive.”

On the farm they can offer you ten first category double rooms, all with shower and modern touch with TV and internet access, balcony and additional bed. Their specialty is the granary, traditional Slovenian farm builging. Left all alone, the granary was a sad sight, so they decided to bring the beautiful wooden cottage back to life. Built in 1831, it is now transformed into a charming little apartment and waiting for guests who love the beauty of wood, the sound of a stream, a forest close by, romantic nature all around. When they made a fire in the fireplace for the first time, the old elf’s face lit up with joy and he smiled broadly. The granary lives again …

In the kitchen, buckwheat dishes are household fare. Cream soup with buckwheat and mushrooms, buckwheat štruklji, buckwheat žganci with sour milk (excellent for breakfast) are served. You have to try their delicious buckwheat bread with nuts. The bread is all home-made – it can be a loaf, rolls, sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds, and always irresistable.

„They keep the old traditional dishes alive by cooking them every day.”

Vegetarians will be delighted by the array of dishes including all kinds of soups, together with buckwheat or cottage cheese štruklji with mushrooms. They also serve traditional meat dishes such as Fantovska pečenka (Barchelor’s roast rabbit), rabbit in cream and vegetables, veal cooked in earthenware, veal, stuffed with bread, crispy pork, stuffed chicken, trouts from our stream …

They guarantee that all the ingredients, used in our cooking come from their garden or stable. This is the only way to ensure a high quality which is unfortunately so rare nowadays. Everything produced on the farm, whether meat, fish, vegetable or fruit is 100% organic.

Their grandmother used to bake delicious bread every day for her big family as well as all the village children. And she liked to say teasingly that a forest elf must be watching over the granary, keeping it always well stocked, the grains dry and smelling nice. Then the times changed. The water-wheel of the old mill stopped turning, the granary stood empty, the elf disappeared.

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Photography: Mateja J. Potočnik

Styling : Žana Kapetanovič