Spring edition of #MBFWLJ

This time I follow the latest edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana of course. And once again I was inspired by your stalking that persuaded me to write some reflections of displayed collections. About the event itself I won’t waste my words. Superior, the world’s largest and the best. And I don’t want to enumerate good qualities … All other quasi fashion events in Slovenia can only bow their heads, find the first corner and hide. I think it’s all crystal clear that in Slovenia there is only one event, which can be proudly called the ‘fashion’ event, everything else is bad approximation. Fuck it, that’s how it is.

This year’s first edition MBFWLJ exhibits a record number of designers, that’s why I have to immediately devoted to them and their work, and displayed collections. Let’s start!

Peter Movrin

Bad to the bone! Just like an orgasm during the petting. The beginning could also be the end. Thank you and goodbye. The highlight. Alien volumes and strategic openings. Plus colors and materials. What a materials! The rustling of fabrics was just like the sweetest symphony. And perfect presentation. The music, the atmosphere – global and appropriate to Peter. Thank you for being you!


Perfect. This time even more complited. The pure color compositions such as pieces in a tetris game. And some interesting quirks and materials. Pants and lower parts became constricted, to give more space to voluminous upper pieces. The uniform of the modern man. Useful, timeless and sexy. Bravo, Ivan.

Nataša Peršuh

Nataša is not guilty, that she presented her collection after Peter and Ivan … Even the most amazing collection would be faded at their side. Once again Nataša Peršuh didn’t put too much effort in her latest collection. Sleepy presentation, dense layout and her eternally modern shirt-dresses with exquisite tailoring in the worst possible light. From Nataša I expect much more. But maybe that’s all, that she could offers.

Young @ Squat

The second day of MBFWLJ fashion shows opened youths from Young @ Squat team of designers. In this collection we missed some youthful playfulness and exaggeration. School sincerity and experimenting were missing. Too cheap, minimalistic and sometimes boring. However, it was still useful, modern and definitely prospect for the future.

Julia Kaja Hrovat

Young designer with very outdated style. Her collection was really old-fashioned, reactionary in fashion and cold in design. Neither the most amazing turbans made of straw by always genius Ana Lazovski and plastic baskets were not able to fix the impression. Bad for the start.

Milica Vukadinović

Milica came to Ljubljana from Serbia and quickly showed how things in fashion have to be served. The rich collection, top construction and tuned presentation. Fashion show for every world’s fashion week. Some Belgium design and futurism. But more useful things than they seem on the first sight. She impresed also foreign journalists and I hope that Ljubljana will be one of her stops also in the future.


One of the most missed collections at this exclusive fashion event. Neither forced marketing campaign and promotion of hordes of fans couldn’t hide the truly amateur production and quickly built image of the brand. Questionable materials and low quality production. And dated patterns and failure toying with textures and patterns. No, thanks.


I really didn’t think, that I will be ever dissapointed by Draž. But I was. Not with phenomenal fabrics and almost fairytale embroideries, but with almost bizarre presentation below average. A kind of butterfly/dragonfly, under the hands of amateur art clubs of a Slovenian village, and ungrateful shoes were spoiling the impression of really superb collection, to which Slovenes are justifiably proud and which should get foreign visitors on their feets. But it didn’t. Too bad.

Sofia Nogard

 Last time I was positively surprised by Sofia Nogards collection, and I was hardly waiting to see the new presentation. And to my great sorrow, I found out that they made a step back, rather than to make a step forward.  Post-apocalyptic touch of a previous collection was replaced by cheap packaged bourgeois avantgarde glamor. Beautiful and exquisite tailored shorts from the last season have been replaced by their typical and a little bit old-fashioned pieces. However, a good collection. And I hope that next time they will work with adrenaline and mature negligence again.

Atelier Terra Urbana

Good story. Eco friendly collection. And some truly world-class pieces. Interesting layout and some intelligently updated dusty little pieces. All praise for this presentation, and a lot of success in the future. Commendable!


Perfect. Monochrome. Edgy and useful. One of the best accompanying videos for another world collection of my always beloved Alenka. I’m really not surprised that Akultura will be in two international editorial in a short time. Congratulations! Leather, romantic and Slovenian. This summer you will spend in a pleated dress. And next to you will be a handbag by Marjeta Grošelj. Deal?


The last day was baptized by Cliché fashion show. In black that evergreen pieces get some of that pepper, which we needed after the last two collections. Wearable and daily. Urban and for all generations. It’s going better. Anxiously waiting for the next time.


Youthful and surprisingly good and useful. For Slovenian dudes from lunch and aperitif to dinner. Always monstrously well-trimmed and this time geometrically enriched pieces. With sinfully men’s bags by Marjeta Grošelj, master of bags. Good collection that almost didn’t need that enriched stylings. Less is more, where less is that great.

Xenia Design

Croatia fashionable cat. 30 years of her successful career. And another interesting, creative and wearable collection. Timeless pieces and avant-garde enough to stand out. Croatians know that and XD is one of the best. Since always. Super!


Unforgettable. Tailoring and textures. Colors and shapes. Mature, unisex, winter and prepared for sale. Young artists who could show lots of things to older ones. Serious, professional and honest. By theirself and their (I hope that more and more numerous) audience. Certainly one of the greatest discoveries of this event. Handmade and smell of the present. Pieces worthy of sin. Congratulations and I want it all.

Tanja Zorn

Tanja knows. Even not-so-premium collection of her could be venerable appealing and wearable. This time very bare. Sexy silhouettes and eternal pieces. Sometimes a little less pleasant materials and some blooper in the seam, but with beautiful accessories and simply ingenious bags. I prefer Tanja in winter. Then she shows her teeth. I can’t wait for another collection. And who knows, knows.

Twins by Begović & Štimac

Bravo guys! Young, spirited and playful. A classic with a touch of irony and youth. The look into the past for return into the future. The joy and charisma of fashion. Colors and stylings with no mistakes. I hope that the future will bring them all that colors with a lot of success. They deserve it.


The real movie scene. Excellence was expected. Rich and Haiderackermannic. Exceptional shapes and properly dosed accessories. Male, female, unisex. Beautiful and successful conclusion of the event. Bravo sisters!

Photo: Jani Ugrin, Žiga Intihar for MBFWLJ

Tomi Vugrinec / VOOM Mag