Nestled among charming hills and ancient villages, along a beautiful unspoiled forest in the middle of the Sienese Chianti, there is a very special open-air museum, The Chianti Sculpture Park. An ambitious project turned into reality thanks to the initiative of Piero and Rosalba Giadrossi, both contemporary art lovers. A gorgeous scenery full of creative works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and their emotional power.

What’s the main purpose of the project?

Create an harmonious relationship between the sculptures and the trees, the sounds, the lights and any other natural elements. A place in which all visitors can find themselves, rediscovering colors and smell that are all too often neglected. They can manage, even for few hours, to completely forget the everyday life’s stress. The sculptures don’t prevail over nature, they emphasize and decorate it, integrating with and enhancing it. A perfect atmosphere for generating spiritual energy capable of creating a deep inner well-being.

In the heart of the Sienese Chianti area
Sculpture created by the Japanese Kei Nakamura

The sculptures are site-specific, in the sense that they were proposed by each single artist after visiting the woods. Among the names of the artists who exhibited their art works at the Chianti Sculpture Park there are: the Italians Adriano Visintin, Federica Marangoni, Mauro Berrettini, Piero Giadrossi and Roberto Cipollone. Moreover, the exhibition space also hosts works by the English Jeff Saward, the Turkish Kemal Tufan, the Australian Anita Glesta and South Korea man Kim Hae Won plus many other acclaimed international avant-garde artists.

Inside the park an amphitheater has been built to offer tourists a rich program of concerts and theatrical plays during the summer season.

Sculpture created by the Dutch Cor Litjens

The Chianti Sculpture Park is a relaxing, enveloping and fascinating destination, the perfect combination of art and nature. The ideal destination not only for art lovers but also for those looking for something different to visit in the breathtaking Chianti area.

Scultpure created by Vincent Leow 
Sculputre created by the Argentine Xavier Barrera Fontenla
Sculputre created by the Italian Federica Marangoni

Article by Sofia Malatesta

Photography by Emily Scaglia