The Child of Colorful Glitter

Jan Brovč is a fashion student at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, who designs clothes for people that live outside the world of seasonal clothing and fashion trends. Designing clothing under the name Jan Brovč’, his hand-made pieces are extraordinary due to the colorfulness of the materials and the amazing texture. Jan Brovč does not believe clothes should be perfectly binary.

As he wants to erase the boundary between males and females, his designer clothes are unisex. His pieces are known for their iridescent colorful metallic shades.

He is greatly inspired by ‘The Club Kids’, such as Michael Alig, James St. James and Leigh Bowery. Fashion designers Matty Bovana and Charles Jefferey are considered to be Brovč’s role models. After finishing his education in Slovenia, he wishes to continue his studies in London and consequently expand ‘Jan Brovč’ fashion brand internationally.

Photography: Jan Brovč, Urša Premik