‘Two sides’ by JSP #MBFWLJ

The creative duo of sisters Jelena and Svetlana Proković successfully works in the fields of fashion, styling and costume design for 25 years. Artistic completed and recognizable brand torn between Belgrade and Ljubljana connecting classic tailoring that emphasizes ethics and endurance of JSP fashion.

“The last JSP collection ‘Two sides’ was pompously presented at the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana. Selection of materials, color tones and textures was not accidental again. Fashion pieces in black and in salmon, purple and ivory colors perfectly complete with grays, eart tones and cold metal shades of blue and green. Deliberate tactic of selection created extremely wearable and sophisticated collection of stylish elegant pieces, which still reveals rebellious rock’s and punk’s soul of the brand for strong and independent people.”


Models look: MUD studio Slovenia and Mare dresura frizure Photography: Jani Ugrin
Models: Haze Model Management, Model Group, Talia Models, VOOM Model Management

Simon Cirkulan / VOOM Mag