VOOM TALENT: Urša Premik

Let us introduce an amazing photographer who has been enjoying the enthusiasm of photography, aesthetics and art lovers for quite some time now. In the first VOOM magazine, the young Slovenian artist introduces herself with three photographic stories. She enjoys photography and her work definitely stands out. She puts her talent before education, follows her creative instinct and loves the unusual. For her, traditional is considered boring and in order to create a story, she needs the content (especially when working with people). She is eccentric and therefore unique. She is Urša Premik.

  • Role model: Ryan McGinley
  • Creating style: I would say my style is relaxed, but it has a broader concept. When creating, I always follow my creative instinct and try to maintain the natural looks, darkness and contrast. I do not believe in heavy-handed retouching.
  • Inspiration: I am inspired by people with unclassical looks and proportions, their stories and characters.
  • Indispensable prop at the photoshoot (aside the camera): speakers and music
  • Favorite model: my granny
  • Vision: photography, progress in photographic portfolio and photographic knowledge

“It seems to me that many photoshoots are too impersonal, since photographers give priority to the formal shooting and that is it. As for me, the bond between the model and the photographer is extremely important. Knowing the model means creating better photos.”

  • Project of your career: a photography exhibition Hilda (photos of my granny)

“I will always be proud of the project I did with my granny Hilda, because during its creation I had to depend solely on my relationship with her. The photos I took are timeless and will always mean something special to me.”

  • Education or talent: definitely talent and a lot of hard work.

“Education in photography is also important, of course; however, I think that without talent, education is invalid.”

Text: Simon Cirkulan for VOOM Mag

Photography: Urša Premik