‘Work in progress’ by Peter Movrin #MBFWLJ

‘Work in progress’ is the latest collection of Slovenian fashion designer Peter Movrin, reveiled in spring 2017. His collections are strong, remarkable and always under the spotlight. Designer skillfully navigates between avantdarde, which expresses his feelings and creativity, and wearable pieces that emphasize the feminine silhouette and women’s energy, power and glamour at the same time. That’s how Peter Movrin builds his recognizable name of the global fashion scene.

His latest collection, which is an integral part of his final MA fashion course at London’s Central Saint Martins, presented at London Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana, based on eccentricity. A set of garments works harmoniously, so artistically and at the same time completely wearable.

Designer said that he loves to discover new dimensions. This time his challenge was to make the effective combination of technology materials with traditional fabrics, like a silk. All pieces are handmade, which adds greater value of the collection and different, more personal and genuine approach and attitude towards the manufacture of clothing.

During the process, Movrin plays with contrasts. Fluorescent colors in pink and orange he calms with camel brown, blue and black. Diverse and wearable trouser pieces upgrades with voluminous exaggeration of upper parts. When it seems that sleeves are too short, he extended them to infinity … He claimes that clothes need additional collars and other openings, but not on the usual parts, so he added them all over the women’s body and harmoniously connected them with folding of materials that creates rich and appealing texture.

To workers suits he added a touch of femininity and created the perfect evening dress. Industrial look he accomplished with straps and hemp ropes. Silver creates a shiny effect.

 The collection, with its structure of materials, creates not only a complete visual impact, but also the pleasant sounds of material rustling.

   Models look: MUD studio Slovenia and Mare dresura frizure  Photography: Jani Ugrin, Žiga Intihar
Models: Haze Model Management, Model Group, Talia Models, VOOM Model Management

Simon Cirkulan / VOOM Mag